With their comfortable and environmentally friendly accommodations and affordable prices, space capsule hotels have developed rapidly in recent years and are now popular all over the world. EZ-Home now has more than 500 cooperative hotels in China. In the past two years, there have been more and more space capsule hotels abroad, which are very popular among young people.

We have a unique hotel decoration model called the component decoration strategy. Its characteristic is that the ceiling, door cover, lamps, wiring, and other accessories in the hotel are prepared in advance in the factory, and then installed directly when going to the space capsule hotel for decoration, which not only saves a lot of money for investors The cost can also increase the renovation progress of the hotel to a large extent. With this point, it is warmly welcomed by investors of many space capsule hotels at home and abroad.

Before starting the renovation, a design planning stage is required. This includes determining the overall theme and style of the capsule hotel and formulating the design concept and spatial layout. Designers consider factors such as guestroom size, functional requirements, bulkhead materials, lighting, color schemes, etc.